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Sarasa Raleigh's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Sarasa Raleigh

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[01 Jul 2020|12:00am]
[ mood | working ]

I am slowly working on getting this journal going. It is basically for my opinions on today's events, things I see around the Internet, and just life in general.

Anyone is welcome to comment but you had best understand this is my space, not yours. I have the right to tell you you are wrong, freeze and/or delete your comments if all you choose to do is start pointless arguments, and/or ban you altogether. So mocking me for it will only get you made an example of.

That is all for now until I finish a rant to be posted here. Sarasa out.

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Sorry, we're not the police [02 Feb 2012|04:01pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Dear dumbass screamer customer,
We get that you have a restraining order because you got it on the alleged basis that Other Customer’s son molested your daughter. Yes, whatever. You did the right thing by getting that order.

But guess what? This is Wal-mart, not your house.

And we’re not throwing out another customer on your say-so.

Also, don’t tell us it’s the law and YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT I SAY RIGHT NOW!!!! If Other Customer is somehow violating the order by coming fucking shopping (which I doubt unless you have proof she followed you there--and you don’t), then you call the POLICE. We have zero legal obligation to ban customers unless they shoplift or an ASSOCIATE has a restraining order against them (there are currently two of these going on, actually).

Screaming in our manager’s face and waving around the restraining order isn’t going to get your way. Also, don’t fucking yell at other customers who either are friends with Other Customer or her son the supposed molester. Use that cell phone you’re waving around in the other hand to call the police and shut the fuck up already.

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[20 Jun 2011|12:45pm]
[ mood | angry ]

I have somehow misplaced the rant I was writing on the pageant kids subject. And I was almost done. Damnit.

Cross fingers that I find it soon.

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No, they don't need it. [03 Apr 2008|04:35pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I have several cousins who have bred. Most are average (as in, equally good and bad parenting), one is a PNB who should teach parenting classes, and two are the kind of breeders that make us hurl. One is divorced and one is a welfare moo with three shitlings by three different fathers. Both of the latter have deadbeat sperm donors.

The divorced one was babbling the other day about the tax credit thing every American is supposed to get and how she is trying to figure out if she should get a Playstation 3 or a Wii with it because "the PS2 is going to break soon". The little shitlings think they need both because they have friends with rich parents and teenaged siblings that forced them to buy both systems.

"So tell them to go without. They barely use it anyway. They're always watching their movie collection."

"No, Sarasa, they HAVE TO HAVE IT."

Bullshit. Children do not HAVE TO HAVE fucking anything except the necessities.

"No, they don't."

"YES, they do. What do you know about what my children need??"

"How about teaching them to fucking read, Amanda??"

Then I was treated to a ten-minute spiel on how she will not be one of those parents who "forces my children to sit in their rooms with books all day long". Supposedly, my aunt did that to her and her siblings because she required them to read for a half hour a day. What a fucking crime! Then again, I was the one always getting my ass chewed for slowing down everyone else with my reading. family dinners at Sorcha and Bruce's house was always to the tune of my uncle bellowing "Sarasa, get your nose out of that Nancy Drew book and get your ass to the table!!"

She will be another of those parents who fully blames the school system for her shitlings turning out into complete idiots. Mark my words.

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FYI [03 Jul 2007|07:07pm]
[ mood | bored ]

It may look like I do not use this space much but that's not necessarily true. There are several rants, rambles and other opinions that are currently under private lock because they're not completed. So just keep watching this space.

And I really should get some icons.

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Amused [16 Jun 2006|05:41pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Apparently, people at Journalfen's OTF_Wank have a problem with a) members of CF_Hardcore and b) posters who dislike Slutney Spears, should they dare choose to comment.

A notice:

Slutney fans - If you don't like what I have to say, go worship her on her site. You have no business being in a place like OTF_Wank if you can't handle someone stating they feel she shouldn't have bred.

The rest of you - CF_Hardcore people have the right to state their opinion as well. Don't like it? Too damn bad for you!

That's it.

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Control your children! [30 May 2006|07:23pm]
[ mood | irate ]

Long time reader...first time poster, in both groups.

I am zoning over in ladieswear when a little girlbrat, no older than four, wanders up. Where are the "parents"? Way down gossiping at the register. Girlbrat grabs one of our leftover Mother's day balloons and starts playing with it, running up and down the main aisle with the little plastic tag that acts as a weight clattering on the floor. I glare several times when no one is looking but the little fuck-accident is too dumb to realize the glare means "knock it off".

Finally the dumb father--or the man in charge of watching her, I dunno--tells her to put the balloon back. When she ignores him, he removes it from her hand and hands it to me. She starts SCREAMING. As I have a migraine, this isn't pleasant. I put the balloon's tag on top of the crossing of one of the pants racks...out of the little shit's reach. Cue more screaming. Man does nothing about the screaming.

Brat finds another balloon, except this time drags it down towards where the stupid mother is still gossiping with the cashier, except this time cashier is ringing up her basketful of crap. Cue the rattling of the plastic on the floor.

Ten minutes later, I am asked by the CSM to run the cashier's change to them, since she has to run to another department. I also have six broken hangers I need to dispose of. So I walk up to give the cashier their change. I glance at the stupid brat...and the mother takes offense.

"You don't have to come over here! Mind your own fucking business! The balloon is a dollar; she's getting it!"

"Um ma'am, I'm giving the cashier her change, and throwing out these broken hangers...."

"That doesn't matter! We told you three times!"

Um no you didn't. Notice the money bag and broken hangers. I didn't come over to find out about ANYthing. And babydaddy, or whoever the fuck he is, told me the little fuck-accident could NOT have the balloon. How was I supposed to know you were giving her another toy she didn't deserve?? Stupid whore.

xposted to sarasa, cf_hardcore and customers_suck

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[19 Dec 2003|04:05pm]
Welcome to Sarasa's Life. More to follow.
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